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The Easiest Gift for the Techie in Your Life

Posted by Karl Dionne on

Purchasing a gift for a loved one isn’t an easy task to begin with, add in the fact that he or she is a techie and it makes buying something meaningful and clever pretty difficult. If you’ve hit a firewall (we’re here all day), this quick guide to ensure you look like a techie gift-giving hero, cape and all, is for you.

Garments for Geeks

We mean this in the nicest possible way. We’re techies too and proud of it! Clothing, especially T-shirts, is a great gift because everyone benefits, especially if it brings joy, inspiration, or just a good laugh,  to those wearing it and those seeing it.

It feels good to be understood and if you can create that moment for your loved one with a simple gift, like a T-Shirt, everyone wins. 

Techie Terms

You may not even know what to look for, since you don’t speak techie. The good news is we do, so you’re in luck.

Your techie significant other will be so impressed and it’s a great way to connect. Here are some slogans we came up with that merge tech terms with everyday sayings.

    • A scam where those posing as a reputable company asks for personal data via email, text or phone, including usernames, passwords and account information.
    • A collection of information stored in your computer
    • Transmitting and downloading data to your computer which can at times take a while, especially when it comes to video
    • A storage unit capable of representing a single character, such as a letter, number or symbol
    • A resting state a computer shifts to that saves energy when not in use

Are you even more confused now? It’s to be expected, but at least you have some idea of what your gift means. Think how moved your giftee will be by your effort to learn something about their world.

Questions That Lead to Suggestions

The best way to learn about what gifts will tickle that special person in your life’s fancy is to simply ask. While you don’t want to give too much away, you of course want to ensure you’re on the right path when it comes to the perfect gift.

  • Does he/she have a sense of humor?
  • Will he/she appreciate you recognizing the tech side of his/her life?
  • Does he/she often talk tech, leaving you in the dark?
  • Does he/she have a group of techie friends or co-workers that all speak the same lingo?
  • Is it time to get him/her a gift that’s related to a personal interest or work?

If you answered “yes” to the majority of these discovery questions, you’re on the right path and a tech T-Shirt is definitely the way to go.

Now that you’re armed with the proper info, you can reboot (thought we’d throw one more at you) and visit us at ITshirts.com. Your geeky girlfriend, browsing boyfriend or server savvy spouse will love you for it!

Happy Shopping!